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This is performance enhancement today.

Today’s engines are controlled electronically using software. RaceChip’s plug-in devices access this software via specially developed mini-computers which are as advanced and sophisticated as state-of-the-art OEM systems fitted by leading manufacturers. 
This is the only way that RaceChip’s optimisation software can register, optimise and relay the sheer number of parameters involved and maintain the high product quality we are committed to. 
Our customers are often amazed by how user-friendly our high-tech products are, though. The technology is sophisticated but the installation is quick and easy. And the driving experience? It’s fantastic.

Progress through high-tech.

RaceChip is the market leader.

  • 100,000 modules sold per year
  • Available for 3,000 models
  • Available in 135 countries
  • 1 unique driving experience
  • 0 compromises
Our highly specialised engineers devote themselves to the complex process of developing processor-controlled tuning boxers. That’s why we are the experts in electronic performance enhancement regardless of manufacturer. Our quality standards are as high as any OEM supplier.
That’s why our products pass the most rigorous testing, and why we sell over 100,000 chip tuning products every year and have satisfied customers in 135 countries around the world.

We offer performance improvement for most makes and models.

Chip tuning for more than 3,000 makes from 60 manufacturers.

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